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  • Post-tensioning Works for:
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Institutions
    • Infrastructures
    • Civil Engineering
  • Prestressed Precast Concrete for:
    • Bridge Beams
    • Jetty Beams & Decks
    • Building RC Structures
  • Structural Strengthening & Repair
  • Elastomeric Bearings & Joints
  • Special Methods of Design,
  • Engineering & Construction
PT - Buildings
PT - Buildings

PT slabs offer the thinnest slab type, as concrete is worked to its strengths, mostly being kept in compression. Longer spans can be achieved due to prestress, which can be used to counteract deflections. Post-tensioned slabs use high strength tensioned steel strands to compress the slabs, keeping the majority of the concrete in compression. This gives a very efficient structure which minimises material usages and decreases the economic span range when compared to reinforced concrete.

The three most common floor systems used for building structures such as offices, shopping centres ,carparks & factory buildings are the flat plate, flat slab and banded slab. For high rise construction a fourth system is widely used which consists of band beams at relatively close spacing spanning from the building perimeter to the service core.

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Post-tensioning makes possible the cost-effective construction of high-quality bridges over a wide range of conditions and span lengths including highway alignment. Bridge structures constructed using post-tensioning have high intrinsic durability and are able to be built quickly with minimal impact on the human and natural environment. Further, structures constructed using post-tensioning also benefit from the method's ability to limit cracking, reduced structural depth, ease of accommodating curved roadway alignment and low maintenance costs. And, these benefits do not come at the expense of aesthetic expression.

Cast-in-place cantilever construction has become the preferred method of building long-span concrete bridges as well as concrete arches with the help of temporary towers and stays. It is a proven cost-effective means of building spans ranging from 200-feet (60 m) to more than 1,000-feet (300 m). It has been used to cross major bodies of water, deep mountain canyons, and densely populated urban areas. Further, post-tensioning can be used effectively to build bridges on alignments that are curved in plan.

Post-tensioned superstructures, which can be built quickly and without touching the land or water below the bridge, are a relatively low impact structural system and optimal solution. For longer spans (commonly up to 300-feet or more), shallower girder depths, and continuously curved superstructures, post-tensioning offers ductility and seismic performance as well as superior aesthetics to today's precast designs. Post-tensioning also provides more flexibility in the layout of span lengths, bent configurations and roadway geometrics than reinforced concrete box girders.

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Post tensioned concrete storage structures are well suited to store a wide range of materials.The versatility,econmy,water-tightness,and long-term durability of post tensioned concrete make it an ideal method of reinforcing storgage and containment structures.

  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Wastewater treatment tanks
  • Low-Temperature LPG & LNG Tanks
  • Solid Storage (Silos)
  • Nuclear Reactor Containment structures
  • Water Towers
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Post Tensioning stress bars are an integral part of modern post tensioning solutions in bridge construction,structural engineering and the upgrading of strutures.

To improve and ensure a functioning infrastructure that meets the needs of a growing economy and population,existing structures will have to be upgraded in the years to come.Post tensioning stress bar system will be more suitable method for upgrade the existing structures.

Stress bar system used in various purpose,

  • Heavy lifting
  • Strengthening Structures
  • Repairing works
  • Hold Down Bar
  • Segmental Bridge Construction
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Rebar Couplers
Rebar Couplers

We are dedicatedly engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading optimum quality Rebar Coupler. The experts working with us make sure that excellent quality material is used in the production process. Besides, we make sure that the consignments are timely delivered at customers’ destinations.

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